Delek Industries

Since its establishment in 1951, Delek Industries or in its former name Delek Lubricants-Delkol has been a major manufacturer of lubricants, oils, special petroleum products and related fluids. Delek Industries  is a subsidiary of DELEK: The Israel Fuel Corporation Ltd. - Israel's second largest fuel company. Delek Industries is a market leader in Israel in the fields of lubricants and petroleum product manufacturing. It produces a full line of lubricants, fluids and products for most automotive and industrial uses, such as: engine lubricants, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, additives and intermediates. Delek Industries is also the official distributer in Israel of international lubricants producers as ENI, KLUBER, OEMETA, GULF MARINE and others.


  • Delek Lubricants in TAIWAN

    Delek Lubricants' products are well known and appreciated all over the world.  Here is a beautiful example from Taiwan:

  • Delkol expands activity

    Delek Lubricants - Delkol expands its activity and tightens its cooperation with its mother company Delek by providing car accessories to all of Delek's fuel stations.

  • Going "Green"

    DelekSan, a sbusidiary of Delek Lubricants and Sano Intertrans offer the most ecological and environmentally sound solution to used solvents.

  • Delkol & the Community

    Delek Lubricants-Delkol takes part in Lod Community project

  • Delek Lubricants in the world

    Delek Lubricant's clients are proud of its products and help spread the word....  



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